Lots of older adults live alone after the death of a spouse. Being alone all the time can get pretty boring. There are so many things that are more fun to do with others. Some seniors spend many of their days just sitting in front of the television because they have nothing else to do. They may be stuck in the house, too, because they are unable to drive or have mobility problems that make getting out difficult. One way to alleviate your parent’s boredom is by hiring elderly care to visit a few times per week. While you may be aware that elderly care providers can assist with things like cleaning the house, cooking meals, and helping the senior to dress and bathe, you may not know that elderly care providers can also offer activities to relieve boredom. Below are 4 of the things an elderly care provider can do with your parent to keep them entertained. 


#1: Reminiscing

Elderly Care Camillus, NY: 4 Ways an Elderly Care Provider Can Entertain Your Parent

Elderly care providers are excellent listeners. They can engage your parent in a conversation that allows them to reminisce and tell favorite stories from their lives. Elderly care providers can look through an old photo album and ask the senior to tell them about the pictures. An elderly care provider can also ask questions about a treasured item to inspire the senior to talk about themselves. Many older adults truly enjoy sharing their stories with others, so this can be a great way for an elderly care provider to help them pass the time. 


#2: Puzzles 

Although jigsaw puzzles can be done alone, they are so much more fun to do with someone else. Two people can complete a puzzle more quickly and relieve the frustration of being unable to find a certain piece. An elderly care provider can do a puzzle with your parent and chat with them while they do. 


#3: Walks 

Going for a walk isn’t just good exercise, it can also be a nice way for your parent to get out of the house for a bit. An elderly care provider can walk with them around the neighborhood or in the park. If your parent has a dog, they can take the dog along, too. Walking gives the senior an opportunity to interact with neighbors and other people. 


#4: Household Activities 

Many seniors like being able to take care of their homes and cook meals. However, they may have medical issues that make doing things on their own hard. An elderly care provider can assist them to cook and bake as well as keeping them involved in performing household duties. When your parent can continue to contribute to their household, it can help them to feel more productive and as though they still have a purpose. 


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