Grandparents may be getting older, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t still be included in things. It is a good idea to try finding some things that you can do with the entire family, including the grandparents.

Spray Park

Elderly Care North Syracuse, NY: Family Fun

A spray park is a great option for family fun that could include grandparents. There are many spray parks around the nation where kids, adults, and even senior citizens can go to cool down and have a fun time. There are often sprayers, buckets filled with water that spillover, and other fun things to do. Most spray parks are also located at parks, so it could be a double win for everyone.

Local Community Center
Local community centers often have fun things to do. Some have tennis, racquetball, basketball, volleyball, walking areas, game rooms, and other things. While some of these things might be too much for some grandparents to do, others may be able to take part in them and have a blast.

Nature Walk
Taking a nature walk is a great idea for a family fun month. During August it is still quite hot or warm out, so the entire family can get outside and get some sun. This can make everyone feel better, especially the grandparents, since they may not get outside quite as much. Everyone can take a nature walk in local trails, on the side of the road, or even in the yard. There are plenty of amazing things that can happen and be seen on a nature walk.

Arts and Crafts Day
Many grandparents love arts and crafts. They may love to crochet, scrapbook, or do another arts and crafts project. No matter what they enjoy doing, everyone in the family can join in. The family can choose an arts and crafts project to work on together. This may include crocheting a blanket, painting a picture, or painting the front porch.

Cooking and Baking
Most elderly grandparents love to cook and bake. They may love making jam, cooking dinner, baking cookies, or baking other sweet treats. Have the entire family join in. There is nothing better than getting together in the kitchen, baking, and tasting some sweet treats together. Everyone can agree on a new recipe and try making it together. This would be a great bonding experience and it would be tons of fun, as well.

It is important that the entire family gets together to do some fun things together. This includes the grandparents. They are getting older and still want to make memories. They still want to spend time with their children and grandchildren. Many grandparents believe their children are too busy, so they won’t plan special days together. Don’t let the time slip by. Fill the days, months and years family fun as much as you can. The grandparents and everyone else in the family will make memories to last a lifetime.


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