Sometimes you can see what’s happening, but those changes are occurring so slowly that they don’t add up just yet. When your elderly family member’s life is changing due to age or to her health, she may need additional help to get through what used to be normal situations.

Normal Daily Activities Are a Lot More Difficult

Home Care Baldwinsville, NY: Are You Seeing These Signs?

You might have started to notice that your senior is having more trouble with tasks that she’s been able to handle on a daily basis. These are sometimes complex activities, like keeping her house tidy, and sometimes simple, like taking a shower. If you’re noticing issues with any of these types of activities, you might want to start digging a little deeper to get more information.

There Have Been a Lot More “Almosts”
If your senior has almost fallen or she almost had a car accident, those are scary bits of information for both of you. An increase in these kinds of situations might mean that your elderly family member is having a little bit more trouble than either of you realize. It might be time to slow down and to reassess what’s going on.

It’s Taking Her Longer to Recover
Everybody recovers from life activities. For instance, your senior might get a mild cold, but find that it’s taking her longer to recuperate than usual. Or maybe a tougher walk than usual is something that is giving her trouble now, but it never did in the past. There are all sorts of situation in which recovery might be necessary and your senior is noticing that it happens slower and slower.

Her Health Is Overall Getting Worse
Your senior might have had some difficulty with her health already, but if those conditions are worsening, that can slow down everything else. She might be realizing that some of the tools and techniques that have helped with those chronic health issues in the past don’t help as well now. That might be part of a progressive illness and it definitely means that she’d benefit from a little more help.

Sometimes it’s not easy for you to be able to pick up the slack for your senior on a moment’s notice. If you’re finding that’s the case, it might be time to hire home care providers. They can help your senior with a variety of different situations, making life easier for her and helping you to feel more secure.

Excerpt: Some of these signs are a big indication that your senior might have some changing needs.


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