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Home Care Liverpool NY: Heart Failure

Heart failure is a condition resulting from the heart’s inability to pump enough blood throughout the body. Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) is one type of heart failure which occurs when fluid builds up in the extremities, lungs, liver, gastrointestinal tract and other organs, causing the blood to become “congested”. It is only natural for someone…

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Home Care Liverpool NY: American Heart Month

How can American Heart Month make a difference? Both at home and in the community, we can use February as a time when we raise awareness about heart disease. One way to do this is to encourage families and loved ones to make small lifestyle changes. For example, you can educate them on how to…

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Home Care Liverpool NY: Fascinating Birthday Facts About February

Happy Birthday to all of those celebrating a birthday this month! People with February birthdays are likely to share some interesting characteristics. For instance, babies born in the winter month of February were significantly longer at birth. They also were taller, heavier and had a larger head circumference at age 7. Those with February birthdays…

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What is the SPECAL Method Used in Alzheimer’s Care?

Elderly Care Clay NY: What is the SPECAL Method Used in Alzheimer's Care?

If you care for a parent with Alzheimer’s and haven’t come across the book Contented Dementia, it’s a worthwhile read. The book focuses on the SPECAL method for communicating with people with dementia. Family caregivers will find this method can make a huge difference in communication. What Does SPECAL Stand For? SPECAL is a trademark…

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New Year’s Resolutions Your Parents Need to Make in 2019

Senior Care Brewerton NY: New Year's Resolutions Your Parents Need to Make in 2019

A new year is starting. Now is a good time to talk to your parents about changes they can make for their physical and mental wellness. Here are some of the resolutions every senior citizen should make this year. Get a Health Exam Your parents should go for a yearly health exam. If they’re not…

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Fascinating birthday facts about January!!

Happy Birthday to all who celebrate a birthday this month. Studies show that people born in the winter months are less ill-tempered and have fewer mood swings. I’m sharing this article from Good Housekeeping. Happy Birthday to Josie and Bridgette with Serving Seniors celebrating this month.

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How to Care for Elderly Adults with COPD

Home Care Clay NY: How to Care for Elderly Adults with COPD

Are you looking for resources on what kind of care your aging relative with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) needs? They may have a strong desire to age in place at home, but you want them to have someone to care for them properly. When you hire a home care provider, each of you can…

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First Day Home with Serving Seniors

Home Care Liverpool NY: First Day Home with Serving Seniors

WE WILL MAKE YOUR FIRST DAY HOME after hospitalization or a traumatic event enjoyable, comfortable, safe, and relaxing by helping with the following: *Pack your belongings and drive you home *Pick up prescriptions and groceries Unpack and help get you settled and comfortable *Communicate with family members as you desire *Schedule follow-up appointments and tests ordered per discharge…

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Thoughtful Holiday Gifts to Encourage Your Senior to Keep Learning

Elder Care Liverpool NY: Gifts for Seniors During the Holidays

Learning is a lifelong pursuit and is one of the most powerful ways of keeping your brain healthy and strong. Being a caregiver for your senior means finding ways to support their well-being from many different angles, and that includes encouraging them to keep their mind sharp, responsive, and healthy throughout their later years. As…

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