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First Day Home with Serving Seniors

Home Care Liverpool NY: First Day Home with Serving Seniors

WE WILL MAKE YOUR FIRST DAY HOME after hospitalization or a traumatic event enjoyable, comfortable, safe, and relaxing by helping with the following: *Pack your belongings and drive you home *Pick up prescriptions and groceries Unpack and help get you settled and comfortable *Communicate with family members as you desire *Schedule follow-up appointments and tests ordered per discharge…

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Thoughtful Holiday Gifts to Encourage Your Senior to Keep Learning

Elder Care Liverpool NY: Gifts for Seniors During the Holidays

Learning is a lifelong pursuit and is one of the most powerful ways of keeping your brain healthy and strong. Being a caregiver for your senior means finding ways to support their well-being from many different angles, and that includes encouraging them to keep their mind sharp, responsive, and healthy throughout their later years. As…

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How Do You Actively Participate in Your Dad’s Medical Appointments?

Home Care Liverpool NY: Getting Dad to go to Doctors Appointments

Sometimes, the elderly don’t understand what their doctor tells them. In other cases, they understand the directions, but the cost of medications or complexity of care instructions keep them from doing what is recommended. Are you making sure your dad does what his doctor tells him? It’s often hard to intervene, but it’s also important.…

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Mental Health Concerns to Keep in Mind as Your Dad Ages

Senior Care in North Syracuse NY: Mental Health Concerns to Keep in Mind as Your Dad Ages

Some associate mental health with an issue young adults face. The truth is that mental health can affect anyone at any age. Seniors are at risk, too. Pay attention to your dad as he ages. These are mental health issues that you should watch for. Four Common Mental Health Disorders Affecting the Elderly Depression and…

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Participate in Eat Better, Eat Together Month

Elderly Care in Liverpool NY: Participate in Eat Better, Eat Together Month

Meals have long been a time for families to gather together and share food, news, laughs and love. However, as families grow up and move apart from each other, meals can become quite lonely for elderly adults, especially those who live on their own. October is Eat Better, Eat Together Month, which is a good…

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Overcoming Sleep Disorders in Elderly Adults

Caregivers in Brewerton NY: Overcoming Sleep Disorders in Elderly Adults

Poor sleep can lead to numerous health problems in elderly adults, including lack of focus, daytime sleepiness, slip and fall accidents, and depression. Too many seniors mistakenly believe that lower sleep quality is just part of aging, but there are many aging adults that sleep well. Family caregivers that notice their elderly relative is not…

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Have Questions About Massage Therapy for Seniors?

Elder Care in East Syracuse NY: Have Questions About Massage Therapy for Seniors?

With more doctors endorsing the health benefits of massage therapy for aging adults, there’s no better time to investigate whether it would benefit your elderly loved one, too. Massage therapy is the intentional manipulation of muscles, joints and tendons by a trained professional, designed to boost health and encourage relaxation. Elderly adults have a higher…

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Should You Be Concerned About a Senior Who Misplaces Things?

Home Care in Cicero NY: Should You Be Concerned About a Senior Who Misplaces Things?

Everyone has had the busy, chaotic morning when they can’t find their keys, or put down their glasses and then can’t remember where. Misplacing things is something that happens, but usually is quickly remedied by retracing steps, or remembering where you placed the item. But what about an elderly adult who seems to be misplacing…

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Caring for Seniors with Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Senior Care in Clay NY: During August’s National Spinal Muscular Atrophy Awareness Month, family caregivers may see an increase in awareness events, social media posts and support groups as organizations advocate for more research and understanding on this serious genetic condition.

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