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Your Senior Really Can Enjoy Being More Active

Being more active helps your senior to manage her mood, maintain muscle mass, and even sleep better. Talk with her doctor before she starts a new exercise plan to make sure it’s right for her. Once you’ve got that approval, try these ideas to help make exercise fun. Whatever it Is, She Needs to Enjoy…

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Happy Birthday to all who celebrate a birthday this month! As a person born in June, you are someone interesting indeed. First, you are genuinely nice people and virtually everyone wants to be your friend. In fact, you have an uncanny ability to turn foes into friends. You are also a sensitive person who tends…

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One important way you can keep yourself safe is to make sure your smoke alarm is working properly. Smoke alarms save lives! This we know is true. Yet, two thirds of home fire deaths occur in homes without working alarms.   Age-related hearing loss may make it difficult for older adults to hear the sound…

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Four Tactics for Managing Embarrassing Outbursts

Embarrassing outbursts, like suddenly shouting nonsense words or even yelling things you find obscene, can be a part of your senior’s behavior out of the blue. They’re usually connected to over stimulation or your senior feeling uncomfortable or endangered, even if she’s in a safe situation. Very often this happens along the course of cognitive…

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MEDICATION MANAGEMENT: Serving Seniors can assist in important ways!

There are many questions to ask when considering the need for support in the area of medication management. Do you (or your loved one) forget to take your medications? Do visual problems impact your ability to safely take medications as prescribed? Does arthritis make it difficult to handle medications or open medication containers or pillboxes?…

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What is Hepatitis?

May is Hepatitis Awareness Month. If you’re the caregiver to an older adult from the Baby Boomer generation, knowing about the disease may be especially important since people of that generation are at higher risk for one kind of hepatitis, hepatitis C. About Hepatitis Hepatitis is a condition in which the liver becomes inflamed, decreasing…

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Did you know? We have 206 bones in our body, and keeping them strong and healthy is important to your ability to be active and to do all the things you want to be able to do physically. Good ways to protect your bones include getting enough calcium, vitamin D, and engaging in weight-bearing and…

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Home Care Liverpool, NY: What is COPD?

SUPPORTING COPD CLIENTS AT HOME WITH SERVING SENIORS   According to the COPD Foundation, “COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is an umbrella term used to describe progressive lung diseases including emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and refractory (non-reversible) asthma. COPD is a progressive and (currently) incurable disease, but with the right diagnosis and treatment, there are many…

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Happy Birthday to all who celebrate a birthday this month!

Happy Birthday to all who celebrate a birthday this month! Those of you born during the month of May share some interesting qualities. Chances are that you are self-motivated… you’re a big dreamer but you also never let go of reality. People born in May are hardworking and ambitious. You also can be stubborn and…

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5 Ways to Cope with Lewy Body Dementia

Home Care Clay, NY: 5 Ways to Cope with Lewy Body Dementia

Being a family caregiver for someone with Lewy body dementia (LBD) entails a lot of different responsibilities. You’re likely to find yourself doing things you wouldn’t have believed you could do or would ever be doing. On top of all that, it can be very hard to watch someone you care about live with a…

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