Being a family caregiver for an aging senior can be a tough but rewarding job. While some seniors desire to age in place in their own home for as long as possible, others are brought into the homes of their family members, often adult children, which has its own unique differences, challenges, and benefits.

If you are thinking about bringing your senior parent home to live with you so that you can help with their daily care, here are some benefits that might help in your decision:


Caregiver Brewerton, NY:Benefits of Having Your Senior Living at Home With You

This is a big benefit to caring for your senior in your own home. Trying to juggle two households, as well as the unique needs of a senior parent or loved one can be overwhelming. Having your parent in your home can save you time by saving you multiple trips per day since they are already with you. It also cuts down on expenses as you now only have one set of household products and items to stock and one set of household bills to pay. Plus, you are nearby whenever your senior might need you.



Having your senior in your home is a special way to have extra time bonding and making memories with them. Especially if you still have children of your own at home, having Grandma or Grandpa near can be a great way for them to really get to know them and spend good, quality time together under one roof.



One of the biggest concerns of having a senior parent or loved one who requires daily care is their safety. Falls are a common occurrence, in fact, the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that falls are the leading cause of fatal injury and the most common cause of nonfatal trauma-related hospital admissions among seniors. Having your senior at home with you means that you can keep an eye on them, help to prevent injuries caused by falls and tripping, and generally be aware of them as they go about their day.



Keeping your senior social has many benefits, one being that they may be less likely to have feelings of boredom or loneliness. Having your senior at home where there are other people to engage with can keep them socializing and help keep them from isolating themselves as they age.

Helpful Tip: If at any time during your caregiving journey you find yourself struggling to meet the needs of your senior parent, consider hiring professional caregivers from a home care agency to come into your home and provide support for your loved one.

Hired caregivers are trained and empathetic to the specific needs of the elderly population, and can help you with things such as tracking medicating, helping with personal care and grooming, and even light housework. They can also run errands like grocery shopping, and even help prepare meals for your senior as well.


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