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Overcoming Sleep Disorders in Elderly Adults

Caregivers in Brewerton NY: Overcoming Sleep Disorders in Elderly Adults

Poor sleep can lead to numerous health problems in elderly adults, including lack of focus, daytime sleepiness, slip and fall accidents, and depression. Too many seniors mistakenly believe that lower sleep quality is just part of aging, but there are many aging adults that sleep well. Family caregivers that notice their elderly relative is not sleeping well at night should consult with a doctor, who can refer them to a sleep specialist.

Why Do Aging Adults Struggle With Sleep?

There are plenty of causes for poor sleep, so it may take a while to find out what affects each senior. One of the most common contributors is simply a changing sleep schedule. Many seniors go to bed early and get up early yet take naps in the day. Others may not sleep very soundly at night, causing them to wake frequently. Chronic pain, respiratory issues, active bladder and more can also disrupt them.

Often there are sleep disorders that prevent elderly adults from getting restorative sleep. A doctor and sleep specialist can investigate whether conditions like insomnia, sleep apnea, snoring, restless leg syndrome or prostate enlargement. Some seniors don’t produce as much melatonin, the hormone that triggers sleep.

Finally, bad habits and a disruptive environment can create conditions where it’s hard for seniors to get a good night of sleep. Lack of exercise and sleeping a lot in the day can lead to night troubles. Other contributors include drinking alcohol and caffeine before bed, excessive noise, too much light, uncomfortable bedding or room temperatures and depression or anxiety about their safety when sleeping.

How to Help Aging Adults Sleep Better

Family caregivers can do a lot to help their elderly loved one get better quality sleep. The doctor will give them a thorough exam and rule out any medical conditions that may be interfering. They can also look at medicine side effects for any triggers for insomnia. The sleep specialist will do several tests to measure brain waves, breathing, heart rate and more. Depending on the results, the elderly person will need assistance in implementing any treatments.

Family caregivers can help their loved one deal with sleep issues by hiring a home care provider. The home care provider can provide peace of mind for seniors who don’t want to be alone at night. If the elderly adult needs help with sleep masks, reducing noise, and more, there’s a home care provider right there to lend a hand.

When under the watchful care of a medical professional, elderly adults will see their sleep problems improve. It’s even better when sleep changes can be done on their own. Family caregivers and home care providers are also important in creating a relaxing and comfortable place for seniors to enjoy a better quality of sleep.

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