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Tips for Easing Stress by Reducing Social Media

We live in a society that often seems like it is ruled by technology. Everywhere you turn, you see someone utilizing some form of device. More often than not, it seems these people are checking social media of some kind. The use of social media seems saturated, and recent studies have indicated that approximately 60% of the population of the United States utilizes social media. While there can be some benefits to using social media as a family caregiver, such as helping family and friends stay connected with your aging parents, and looking for help with your care tasks, there can also be serious detriments. Studies have indicated that among those who utilize social media, stress is much more likely than among those who do not use social media. Making social media a central focus of your life can greatly increase the chances you will experience caregiver stress, and make it more difficult for you it to combat stress. One simple and highly effective way to reduce your stress is by reducing your social media.

Use these tips to help you ease stress by reducing social media:

  • Identify the platform that really matters to you, and make that your platform. Evaluate why you chose to sign up for all of the other platforms, and if they really have any true purpose or benefit in your life. Find the one that that actually matters to you, and eliminate the rest.
  • Take the notifications off of your mobile device. Part of the stress factor of social media is that you are always accessible, and constantly being inundated with the notifications of the particular platforms. These notifications not only act as a reminder that you are always in touch with countless other people, but that you have the perceived obligation to respond or react to innumerable things throughout the day.
  • Make mealtimes and family time device free. When you are sitting down for a meal, or you are spending quality time with your family, insist everyone is without their mobile device or computer. Completely stay off any type of social media during these times, and focus instead on the time you’re spending with your family. This will not only reduce your stress with the emotional benefits of spending this time together, but it can also help to break the addiction to social media, and make it seem less important to you is so you are not as drawn to it at other times.
  • Be more selective about what you post on social media. There is a compulsion to post every moment and event in life, but this can just further your stress. When you feel the need to post every detail about your life, it can be extremely stressful when you are not able to post these details. You may also feel extreme stress by the reactions of people to what you post. Commit yourself to only posting important information, or only a specific number of times per day.
  • Stop trying to curate your image. Studies have shown that 40% of the population admits to posting things on their social media specifically to improve their image. This means you want to look better to people looking at your social media, so you selectively post things to create that image. While this can feel good, it can also be very time-consuming, and leave you feeling stressed if you do not feel as though you can create that image. Instead, stop trying it to manipulate what you post, and simply feel good about the place you are in your life with your aging parent and your caregiver journey.

Being a family caregiver for an aging adult is stressful and challenging, but senior care can help. Integrating home care into your normal care routine with your aging parent is all about making sure their needs are met, and that both of you are able to enjoy a meaningful relationship and high quality of life as your senior ages in place. The highly personalized services of a care provider are designed specifically to meet your seniors needs in ways that are right for them according to not just their challenges and limitations, but also their individual personality, perspectives, and goals for their lifestyle. Whether they only have mild to moderate challenges, or more extensive needs that require more thorough care, this care provider will help your parent manage their needs and stay more active and independent throughout their later years.

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Joan Sardino

Joan Sardino has held key positions in operations management, customer service and logistics. Her mission today is to empower seniors to live independently in their homes for as long as possible. Joan oversees a staff of experienced, patient caregivers dedicated to senior care and companionship. Serving Seniors provides service to the senior community in Syracuse and the surrounding area (Clay, Cicero, Liverpool, Baldwinsville, Central Square).

Most seniors can live independent lives for quite some time with just minor assistance. Family and friends cannot always be there to help with daily tasks, but Serving Seniors can help fill the need for transportation, errands, housekeeping, and more. Just a few hours a week can enhance your senior’s independence, happiness and overall quality of life.

Joan assists concerned families seeking a trained caregiver who will treat their loved ones with dignity, respect and compassion. Serving Seniors provides the highest level in-home non-medical care and companionship. Families and seniors can be assured of friendly, personalized service from dedicated, compassionate caregivers.