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Some Interesting Facts about November Birthdays!

Happy Birthday to all who celebrate a birthday this month!

As you no doubt know, if you were born in November you are a pretty interesting person. For example, studies show that people born this month are often very good friends and enjoy long lasting friendships. Many also say that those born in November have strong and magnetic personalities, and are very attractive to others.…

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October is Lung Cancer Screening Month!

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the United States. Often, symptoms do not show up until the cancer is advanced, when treatment options are limited. Getting a computerized tomography, or CT scan, has proven to be effective in identifying lung cancer when it is most treatable. Are you at high risk…

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Should You Be Concerned About a Senior Who Misplaces Things?

Home Care in Cicero NY: Should You Be Concerned About a Senior Who Misplaces Things?

Everyone has had the busy, chaotic morning when they can’t find their keys, or put down their glasses and then can’t remember where. Misplacing things is something that happens, but usually is quickly remedied by retracing steps, or remembering where you placed the item. But what about an elderly adult who seems to be misplacing…

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