Happy birthday to all who celebrate a birthday this month!

Happy Birthday to all of you born during the month of October! Each year represents another milestone reached. One thing we know about those born in October is that they tend to live the longest! You have a greater chance of hitting your 100th birthday than those born in any other month.

There are other things science tells us about you as well. For instance, October babies exhibit greater athletic abilities than others. The vitamin D your pregnant mother soaked up during the sunny summer months prior to your birth gave you the benefit of strong bone and muscle growth. Another thing you October babies are known for is your charm… something that makes you a good romantic partner. You create harmony in your environment and are known as the “peacemakers”. You also have very good skills when it comes to business!

You are in good company, sharing an October birthday with Simon Cowell, Chevy Chase, R.L. Stine, Steve McQueen, Hugh Jackman, Paul Simon, Tim Robins, and Kevin Kline. More U.S. presidents were born during October than any other month, including Adams, Carter, Eisenhower and Roosevelt.
Your birth flower is the Calendula, often knows as marigolds. Your birthstones are opals and tourmaline.

We wish you a wonderful October birthday! Take time to celebrate you!