Embarrassing outbursts, like suddenly shouting nonsense words or even yelling things you find obscene, can be a part of your senior’s behavior out of the blue. They’re usually connected to over stimulation or your senior feeling uncomfortable or endangered, even if she’s in a safe situation. Very often this happens along the course of cognitive diseases like dementia.

Large Crowds and Noise Are Big Triggers

Caregiver Cicero, NY: Managing Embarrassing Outbursts

Lots of noise and too many people can definitely trigger an embarrassing outburst from your senior. If she’s doing this sort of thing more and more, try to see if you can determine other triggers. Some seniors find being in a store is overwhelming, even if it’s not crowded. As embarrassing and scary as this can be, you need to analyze what’s going on so you can help avoid more of these types of situations.

What Helps Her Feel Calmer?
There might be something that helps your senior to feel a little calmer when she gets overwhelmed like this. There might be a favorite video or song, for instance, that distracts here. Or you might need to walk around outside with her for a few minutes. In extreme situations, you may just have to leave wherever you are and take your senior home, especially if being away from home is one of her triggers.

Talk it Over with Her Doctor
If this is happening more frequently, you need to bring it up with her doctor. There may be some medical changes going on with your senior. Cognitive illnesses like dementia can cause these sorts of outbursts and if there are added issues, like a urinary tract infection that you didn’t realize she was dealing with, that can make the situation worse. Ruling out medical issues can help to resolve whatever brought increased outbursts on.

Avoid Going out Alone
If you’re still not having much luck reducing your senior’s outbursts, staying home more might be an option, but that’s not necessarily best for you or for her. Another option is to make sure that you’re not going out alone. Bringing elder care providers with you gives you another set of hands that can help. They’re also experienced with these sorts of issues and can help you to keep a cool head.

You might have been terrified the first time your senior had an outburst in public that embarrassed you, and with good reason. These unexpected situations can take a lot out of you as a caregiver and can leave you feeling drained. Take care of you while you’re taking care of your senior.

Excerpt: Embarrassing outbursts from your senior can happen, especially if she’s dealing with cognitive illnesses that change how her brain operates.


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