It is a hard question to answer. You may ask yourself whether your senior parent is able to live alone, but the answer never comes easily. So many different things must be evaluated in order to make the final decision. No matter how much they attempt to show that they are able, there are always signs that this is no longer the answer. There is always a time when things change. At some point, most seniors will no longer be able to take care of themselves on a daily basis, and some sort of home care is needed.

1 – Stacks of Unopened Mail

Home Care Camillus, NY: Seniors and Living Alone

This could include anything from bills to letters or cards from family and friends. Unfortunately, along with leaving the mail going unopened for long periods of time, it could lead to not paying bills and letting the finances go bad. Even more so, money could be handled poorly along with other important things in daily life.

2 – Constantly Getting Lost
No matter where seniors may be going, as aging continues, they may start to get lost when heading to even the most common places. This could even be a sign that it is time to have the talk about stopping driving because being lost on a regular basis makes driving even more dangerous in the long run.

3 – They are Consistently Exhausted
If your senior is quite often exhausted there is much to be concerned about. They may not have the energy throughout the day to handle the simplest tasks around the house, or it may be a sign of other health issues. It could be a signal of cancer, liver failure, kidney disease, or other disorders. If they are exhausted constantly, they may not want to take the effort to go and see the doctor, where home care may be more helpful in maintaining those efforts.

4 – They Become Defensive
In this case, becoming defensive may be as serious as guns, knives, or other protective items for the home. It is even more of a signifier if they have never owned these items in the past. Clearly placing these guns, mase, or other items right by the front door may indicate a sort of personality change where a sense of fear has set in or even a certain portion of denial that indicates they need to provide their own protection rather than calling for help from others.

5 – Struggling to Talk on the Phone
One key difference that you may start to see in a senior who is having trouble living alone is easily managing a telephone conversation. It is similar to addressing the communication challenges with a senior who faces the onset of Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Unfortunately, in the attempt to communicate with seniors on the phone, if they lose the ability to recognize or describe items easily, there is something about the inability to communicate with gestures.

Your frustration may set in more easily and increase your concern for the senior. This increases the need for communication in person along with the need for home care, where quality home care can help overcome these communication challenges.


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