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Managing Diabetes Can Feel Overwhelming… but Serving Seniors can help!

Managing Diabetes Can Feel Overwhelming… but Serving Seniors can help!

Managing Diabetes Can Feel Overwhelming… but Serving Seniors can help!

What exactly is diabetes? Well, diabetes describes a group of metabolic diseases in which the person has high blood glucose (blood sugar). This occurs either because the person’s insulin production is inadequate or because the body’s cells do not respond properly to insulin, or both. Once a person has been diagnosed with diabetes, they typically begin to experience symptoms like increased thirst, hunger and urination. If not adequately controlled, diabetes can put a person at a significantly higher risk of developing other health complications.
The diagnosis of diabetes brings with it a whole host of prescribed lifestyle changes, necessary if the person is to take control of this disease. These involve an often radical change to their diet, their exercise habits, medication compliance (in some cases, having to take insulin), foot care, and regularly monitoring their blood sugar levels. They are generally going to need to become experts on the disease. Diabetes can impact a person emotionally as well. Being diagnosed with diabetes can feel scary and overwhelming. Some people experience signs and symptoms of depression, like losing interest in things they previously enjoyed, sleeping excessively, or feeling they cannot adequately practice good self-care. Changing habits you’ve had for a lifetime can be difficult when you are feeling hopeless.

Encouragement, education, and support in making the necessary changes to manage diabetes is very important. Home care staff through Serving Seniors can help in numerous ways by providing education on the disease process, medication management, proper foot care, as well as motivational strategies for diet and exercise. Helping the client to identify the signs and symptoms of hyper and hypoglycemia can help them take action and address concerns before there is an urgent need for hospitalization.

Yes, for the person with diabetes, this can all feel pretty overwhelming. Developing a support network of family, friends and the home health staff of Serving Seniors can be the key to success and empowerment for the person learning to manage diabetes.

Joan Sardino

Joan Sardino has held key positions in operations management, customer service and logistics. Her mission today is to empower seniors to live independently in their homes for as long as possible. Joan oversees a staff of experienced, patient caregivers dedicated to senior care and companionship. Serving Seniors provides service to the senior community in Syracuse and the surrounding area (Clay, Cicero, Liverpool, Baldwinsville, Central Square).

Most seniors can live independent lives for quite some time with just minor assistance. Family and friends cannot always be there to help with daily tasks, but Serving Seniors can help fill the need for transportation, errands, housekeeping, and more. Just a few hours a week can enhance your senior’s independence, happiness and overall quality of life.

Joan assists concerned families seeking a trained caregiver who will treat their loved ones with dignity, respect and compassion. Serving Seniors provides the highest level in-home non-medical care and companionship. Families and seniors can be assured of friendly, personalized service from dedicated, compassionate caregivers.