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Did you know?

We have 206 bones in our body, and keeping them strong and healthy is important to your ability to be active and to do all the things you want to be able to do physically. Good ways to protect your bones include getting enough calcium, vitamin D, and engaging in weight-bearing and muscle-strengthening activities.

However, that might not be enough! 44 million Americans have low bone density or osteoporosis! One in two women and up to one in four men over the age of 50 will break a bone due to osteoporosis! Talk to your doctor about your risk factors and other things you can do to prevent osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis can sneak up on you! You could have osteoporosis now or be at risk and not realize it. You can’t feel your bones becoming weaker! Having a bone mineral density test can tell you if you have osteoporosis before you experience symptoms, like breaking a bone.

There are many reasons why people get osteoporosis, including a family history of broken bones, smoking, not getting enough physical activity, unhealthy eating habits, drinking too much alcohol, taking certain medications or having certain medical conditions.

As you think about staying healthy, you may be making lifestyle choices in order to prevent cancer or heart disease. Taking care of your bones is just as important. Let’s make sure that we are aware of what we can do to promote bone health and to ensure our quality of life is not dealt a setback by a broken bone.

Joan Sardino

Joan Sardino has held key positions in operations management, customer service and logistics. Her mission today is to empower seniors to live independently in their homes for as long as possible. Joan oversees a staff of experienced, patient caregivers dedicated to senior care and companionship. Serving Seniors provides service to the senior community in Syracuse and the surrounding area (Clay, Cicero, Liverpool, Baldwinsville, Central Square).

Most seniors can live independent lives for quite some time with just minor assistance. Family and friends cannot always be there to help with daily tasks, but Serving Seniors can help fill the need for transportation, errands, housekeeping, and more. Just a few hours a week can enhance your senior’s independence, happiness and overall quality of life.

Joan assists concerned families seeking a trained caregiver who will treat their loved ones with dignity, respect and compassion. Serving Seniors provides the highest level in-home non-medical care and companionship. Families and seniors can be assured of friendly, personalized service from dedicated, compassionate caregivers.