There are many questions to ask when considering the need for support in the area of medication management. Do you (or your loved one) forget to take your medications? Do visual problems impact your ability to safely take medications as prescribed? Does arthritis make it difficult to handle medications or open medication containers or pillboxes? Has hospitalization occurred within the past year because of medication issues? Are the medication names often confused, and is there a plan in place to assist in the organization of your medications?


There is so much to consider when it comes to managing medications safely. There are many points within the process where becoming confused and making a mistake as to dosage, when and whether the medication has already been taken, or even, is the medication being taken the proper one, can lead to dangerous situations. Studies have shown that between 40% and 70% of older people do not take their medications at the right time or in the right amount due to such complicating factors.


Having a member of our Serving Seniors home health staff working with you or your loved one can address these very issues and make a possible trip to the emergency room much less likely. We can help to put systems in place that will prevent such mistakes while providing education and support around medication management. While we won’t be there every day, we will put a system in place that will help to assure success during the days between visits.