About one-half of the 1.8 billion prescriptions dispensed annually are not taken correctly. That is a startling statistic; one that can lead to prolonged or additional illnesses. U.S adherence to medication protocols among patients with chronic conditions averages only about 50%. Less than 2% of adults with diabetes perform the full level of care, which includes self-monitoring of blood glucose and dietary restrictions as well as medication use, recommended by the American Diabetes Association.

Anyone who has ever been prescribed a medication knows that remembering to take that medication requires putting a system in place to make sure it happens. For many, failure to take a medication properly, or at all, is critical to their healing and health. Some patients have more than one health issue they are treating which requires numerous medications to be taken at various times. It’s complicated!

By involving in-home services like those provided by Serving Seniors, systems and reminders can be put in place and monitored to keep the patient on track and compliant with their medications. Such assistance can also help to remove some of the stress involved for the patient in keeping track of how to manage their medications. The in-home worker can help to insure against misunderstanding instructions and improperly taking medications, against having unfilled prescriptions and inappropriate storage, and against unwanted urgent care/ER visits and/or hospitalizations. Let Serving Seniors be part of the team that insures increased adherence to the medication regimen.