Being more active helps your senior to manage her mood, maintain muscle mass, and even sleep better. Talk with her doctor before she starts a new exercise plan to make sure it’s right for her. Once you’ve got that approval, try these ideas to help make exercise fun.

Whatever it Is, She Needs to Enjoy It

Senior Care Clay, NY: Being More Active

No matter what activities your senior is engaging in, she needs to enjoy them. If she doesn’t, she’s not going to stick with them, no matter how much she knows she should. There are plenty of fun activities that get your senior moving and that allow her to work her muscles. Maybe she enjoys nature walks, or gardening, or any number of other active adventures. But make sure she likes what she’s trying.

Walking Is Easy and Can Be Social
One of the easiest ways to start getting active is for your senior to start walking. She might walk on a treadmill or simply through her neighborhood. Regardless, she only needs a sturdy pair of shoes in order to get going. Walking can also be an extremely social activity for your senior to engage in, which can make it even more enjoyable.

Shake Things up a Bit
But moving more doesn’t have to be about one activity. Now and again it’s a good idea to change things up. Local gyms and senior centers often offer classes that your elderly family member might be interested in taking. Some might be spinning, yoga, or even tai chi. Dance lessons can also be a fun way to break up the routine and get your senior moving. Look for ways to have more fun and to break up any monotony.

Change the Location
Sometimes it isn’t the activity that needs changing, but the location. If your senior walks on a treadmill or in her neighborhood, having a new surrounding can be helpful. Try visiting local parks, nature trails, and landmarks to walk. If transportation is a problem for her, senior care providers are a great answer. Talk to your elderly family member about how often she might want to experience a change of scenery as she enjoys some physical activity.

Everyone has different ideas about how active is active enough. Talk to your senior’s doctor about how much physical activity she should be getting ideally. From there, you can put together a plan. Senior care providers can be a key part of implementing that plan. They can help your senior to manage her routines and simply be there as your elderly family member exercises.

Excerpt: It’s possible to encourage your senior to get more physically active and these tips can help.

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